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What Can We Sell

 Items Accepted:


~ the pieces will need to be complete (rails, nuts/bolts) NO BROKEN/MISSING PARTS!!

~ I recommend attaching a copy of ASSEMBLED crib so shoppers can visualize how it looks! 



  • All season clothing,

  • Jeans, Pants, skirts, shorts

  • Dresses and accessories for girls, tights

  • Suits for boys, ties, pants, belts, suspenders

  • Snowsuits, snow bibs, winter gloves, hats & scarves

  • long sleeved shirts, turtlenecks , sweaters 

  • sneakers, gym shoes, swimming shoes, winter boots

  • bikes, bike trailers, rollerblades/skates, hiking child carriers

  • Any babies and kids Accessories

  • swim suits, swim shorts, googles, sunblock.                                    

  • Leotards, dancewear, gymnastics outfit, tights, ballet, tap shoes, tutus etc.

  • Sports equipment and gears, any sports related equipment and supplies too.

    **Sports shoes for soccer, basketball/football etc (must be in excellent, clean condition)



  • Pack and plays, bassinets, bouncers/rocking chairs, dressers, changing tables, baby gates, toddler beds, baby carriers, room decor, and any kids related funitures, including Cribs.

  • Bumbo's(with Belts - mandatory due to recall - request this through manufacturer, it's free).  Visit the site at:


  • feeding seats, high chairs, strollers, swings,  exersaucers, riding toys, outdoor toys, bikes

  • Baby Carriers/Cars Seats (Must be less than 5 years old and never been in an accident, Britax - less than 6 years).  Please specify the Manufactured Date on Tags, this can be found on the back side/buttom of the carseat)

  • Booster Seats, high-chairs

  • Toys, games, puzzles, CDs, DVDs (NO VHS tapes), game systems, computer games (child specific items only)

  • Wii, PS3/4, Xbox360 games and consoles (Please, only working consoles will be accepted).  Make sure games are not scratched up that it will be unplayable. 


  • Any sports balls and equipment, roller skates, wagons, scooters, power wheels, swings and slides.

  • Play kitchen, table/chairs, dollhouse, workshops, train tables, indoor swings, cube slides, bikes, skateboards, roller blades

  • DIAPER BAGS, Diapers (Disposable or Non-Disposable).  Please make sure to specify "SIZE" on the tags if lose diapers are inside ziplocs, this will avoid shoppers from opening packages and possibly losing some of the pieces.

  • For lose Barbies, Bratz, Hotwheels, Matchboxes, Little People, Small figurines, Thomas the Trains trains:  Please put these inside small bags and tape the bag shut.  Specify #of pieces if possible.  You may put as many as you want inside the bags.  In addition to the tags, please hand-write your consignor # and price on the bag.  This will be helpful in the event the tag is lost.

  • Books (Tags - MUST be attached with painter's tape ONLY) If any other tape is use, it will rip the book upon removal of the price tag.

  • Baby Bottles, take along formula dispensers, plates, spoons, cups, sippy cups

  • Brand New pacifiers and nipples.  

  • Brand New: Formula or Baby Food (Pls specify exp date on tags), Baby Cereal, Snacks



    * maternity dresses, pants, shorts, skirts

    * maternity bras, nightgown, belly supports

    * anything else that is maternity related items.



    * purses and wallets only!

    ***No clothing, no shoes, etc, ONLY Purses & Wallets**


Items Not Accepted         


  • Used undergarments (0nly new in package will be accepted)

  • Battery operated toys without batteries, VHS Tapes
  • Dirty, stained, extremely worn, out of date, or broken toys

  • Items with missing parts (puzzles, play sets, etc.)

  • Household items that are not child related

  • Recalled items

  • Medicines, used pacifiers and used nipples


Although we are not enforcing restricting Spring/Summer clothing, we are assuming that shoppers will tend to focus on finding Fall/Winter outfits for their kids.   Spring/Summer clothings tend to sell better and priced higher during the Spring/Summer Sales. 


*** If time permits, we reserve the rights to go through all checked-in items to make sure it meets our quality standards.  All items found to be stained, missing buttons, too old/faded, dirty will be removed from the floor***

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