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As a consignor, you set the price for the items you sell.  A common concern for new consignors is how to price their items.  Below are some tips to help you with your pricing and answer some common questions.  Remember that bargain-hunters are looking for a good be reasonable with your pricing!

1. Thirty percent of the retail price is generally a good price for clothing items.  Name brand/boutique brands are a little higher at most times.

2. All prices must be in whole or half-dollar increments ($2.00 or $2.50)

3. All clothing must be a minimum of $1.00.  (If you have lower priced items, group same sized items together and sell as one). 

4. For baby gear, swings, strollers, furniture, pack and plays, a print-out of the item from sites like Amazon.Com can show shoppers how much the item is if bought new/used.  This will show savings for the buyers.  This is just a suggestion, it's not necessary or mandatory for you to do.  Include manuals if you still have them.

5. Donating the item or want to earn more money?  Consider discounting your items on Saturday by checking the "Discount" box when you enter your items.  Saturday shoppers are very frugal and often won't even consider an item unless it is half price. Items marked for Donation will be marked 50% automatically for Saturday discount day. 

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