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How To Prepare Items


 How Should I Prepare My Items?   


 Clothing - Hang clothes as pictured

- Freshly laundered clothing should be hung on a hanger, no exceptions!  Although we do not insist on ironing clothing, unwrinkled clothing sells better.  The hanger should face left so that it looks like a question mark(?). 

-Use large ziploc bags on small items like onesies, socks, bibs, tights.  Write your consignor number and price in addition to the tag on the bag.  This will help in the event the tag gets lost.  We can still sell it if we have these information written.

-Any toys that has small items, please put these pieces inside ziplocs as well.  Place the price tag on the outside of the bag (the tags gets removed at check-out.  Also, write your consignor # and price on the bag.
-Hanging Items with several pieces should be safety pinned together on a hanger, or if on separate hangers they should be rubber banded together.  Use one tag only.

-If you cannot find enough pant hangers for your pants, you can often bend wire hangers to fit snugly in pants.  Do not stretch your clothing over a wire hanger.  It distorts the clothing and looks unattractive to a buyer.

-Hangers can be picked up from stores like Old Navy.  Dry cleaners will often give away wire hangers free or for very cheap.  Also ask friends, family, and neighbors to save hangers for you from their new purchases.

Other Items

-Tape the top of your tag to the item
 with clear packing tape.  Do NOT tape the bottom portion of the tag, we need access to the barcode for scanning.  All price tags will be removed during checkout.  Do NOT tape your tag inside a bag.  Use packing tape as any other tape will fall off easily.  Painters' tape (mostly blue in color) works better for attaching tags to books to prevent damage to the surface. If you do not have painter's tape, there will be some available at drop off for you to use.


-Use  XLarge Ziploc bags for crib/toddler beddings.  Beddings inside a box can easily get separated during sale by shoppers.  You can also use a string strong enough to hold all pieces together.  Don't forget to pin the tag.  Also, put your consignor # and price on the bag.  This will allow us to sell the item if the price tag gets lost.

-Baby blankets, swaddlers, receiving blankets can be sold by piece or several pieces together.  Tie blankets together if selling in sets.  You can pin the price tag directly into the item, specify # of pieces if more than one. 

Bassinets / Pack n Play/ Play Yards - USE A BIG TICKET ITEM TAG!

 -Assemble bassinets and pack and plays if possible. Shoppers tend to purchase items that they can see.  If possible, attach manuals.  Please make sure everything is in working condition.  Our kids' safety is our number one priority!



-Tie shoes together.  Use a ribbon, string or zip ties.  Using tape to attach your tags will almost guarantee that it will get lost.  We recommend pinning the tag (use a safety pin) to the lace or the tie that you use to keep them together.  Use ziploc bags for baby shoes, make sure they're tied together)Infant shoes may be put in a clear ziploc bag, however they must be tied together.  Attach price tag to the outside of the bag.  NO SHOE BOXES PLEASE! It would be wise to tape painters tape at the bottom of each shoe w/ consignor # and price in the event we lose the tags, we can still sell your shoes.



We are using MYSALEMANAGER as our pricing partner.  **YOU MUST ACCESS MYCONSIGNMENTMANAGER FROM THE BABIES2KIDZ WEB-SITE** Accesing the site directly will not allow you to proceed as this is for consignment owners only.  Please check-out their site for helpful hints on using the system.  It is easy to use and it's FREE for you.  By utilizing their software into our sale, you print bar-coded price tags, no handwritting price tags involved!  You have access to your inventory at all times!  You can see the number of items you've entered, make changes before the drop-off. 

** During the sale, Sales reports can be accessed the following night after the 2nd day of sale (Thurs sale, you'll see your sold item Friday night). You can access your SALES REPORT to see what and how much of your inventory has SOLD!  That is so NEAT!  








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